Lip Treatments in Atlanta

At Derm Clinic M.D., we offer many different lip treatments using botulinum toxin (Botox, Jeaveau, Dysport), lip fillers, and microneedling. We take pride in carefully assessing each patient in order to provide the best and most appropriate treatment to our patients. We treat gummy smiles, thin lips, m-shaped lips, aged lips, straw lines, smoker’s lines, lip scars, downturned lips, and asymmetrical lips, and we also dissolve poorly placed lip fillers using Hyelenex.

Lip treatments are best approached over 1 or more treatment sessions, as sometimes a slower lips augmentation creates a more natural result.

Derm Clinic M.D. specializes in creating smoother, natural-appearing lips. Our lip treatments can hydrate lips and make them appear fuller and more balanced. By using water-loving hyaluronic acid, we can hydrate the lips from deep within, which makes the lips appear more plump and naturally full. Hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in our bodies, is highly attracted to water and binds to moisture. It is also resistant to lumps and bumps. Our hyaluronic acid fillers are reversible, therefore a safer material, and can be dissolved if this is ever desired by the patient.

At Derm Clinic M.D., we use cannulas and needles to achieve the best lip shape possible for our patients. Cannulas are dull, hollow needle-like devices that cause less bruising, trauma, swelling, and bleeding, and also are safer to use for lip filler injections. We sometimes use targeted lip injections, such as lip guru Julie Horne, to shape the lips in a very specific and customized fashion (think sharp Cupid’s bow or everted lips).

Most lip fillers that are made from hyaluronic acid don’t last forever, but some last a very long time. A good consultation with Dr. Payman will help you decide what is the best treatment. Call Atlanta Office Phone Number 404-937-3760 to schedule today.