We’ve dreamed about it…we’ve hoped for it…it’s finally a REALITY.  I can’t think of a better holiday added to our yearly calendar than National Botox Day! The medication originally studied by doctors Carruthers and Carruthers for the treatment of eyelid spasms (blepharospasm) has evolved over the past 30 years to become a compound used for a myriad of medical AND aesthetic conditions and i’m sure it will continue to expand its uses for many other conditions in the years to come (baby, Botox isn’t going away … it’s just getting started…). It only makes sense that this wonder drug has a holiday observed by so many Botox fans around the world.  Botox day is a day to celebrate it’s fans. 


November 17 is officially known to many loyalists as Botox Day–a day where 50$ buys you an extra $50 worth of product–50% off is a crazy bargain and that’s why so many loyal followers jam the website trying to grab this super amazing once a year deal.  But don’t fear, if you are too late to the game and are pushed away from the site, you will be redirected to another site which gives you deals on ALLE gift cards ($75 buys you a $100 gift card–a 25% savings!).  Treatment with Botox products in this week also accrue double ALLE points, and who doesn’t love a great point system (Starbucks we love your rewards too)?!  Mark your clocks and calendars loyalists–this is your day to be celebrated!