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  WAYS TO LOOK YOUNGER WITHOUT SURGERY   This is a question our patients ask frequently: “I’m not ready for surgery, what do you recommend to make me look younger?” Patients want to know how to look younger without the complications and risks accompanied with major surgeries such as facelifts. Read below for our favorite […]

Dr. Payman discusses Laser Resurfacing

What can Laser resurfacing do for MY skin? We have very educated and well-informed patients come to our practice, and we absolutely LOVE all of them for being so inquisitive!  As we learned in school, every question is a great question, so ask away!  Read our patients’ FAQ’s answered in one article. Laser resurfacing has […]


Your pretty baby blues, soft greens, sweet hazels, chocolate browns…These beautiful colors may not be the first thing people notice about you if you have lines distracting them from your eyes. A study by University of Chicago researchers suggests the difference between love and lust might be in the eyes after all.  Specifically, where your object […]

DID YOU KNOW THAT BOTOX IS NOT JUST FOR FROWN LINES ANYMORE! TREAT NECKLACE LINES, WRINKLED CHINS, DROOPY EYELIDS, GUMMY SMILES, DROOPY NASAL TIP, CLEAVAGE LINES, AND A STRONG SQUARE JAW all with a few quick injections! You will be surprised to hear that BOTOX can be used to treat lines on our face other than the […]

Fillers delay need for facelifts

FAT…it’s a hate-love relationship.  We hate it on our bodies but love it in our face.  In our youth, our face is loaded with numerous fat pads adding just the perfect amount of volume where our face needs it.  Mother Nature knew exactly where to put those fat pads to add youthful curves to our facial structure. […]