Dr. Payman discusses Laser Resurfacing

What can Laser resurfacing do for MY skin?

We have very educated and well-informed patients come to our practice, and we absolutely LOVE all of them for being so inquisitive!  As we learned in school, every question is a great question, so ask away!  Read our patients’ FAQ’s answered in one article.

Laser resurfacing has been around for over 20 years.  Technology has advanced significantly since the first days of laser resurfacing where downtimes were over 2 weeks, and the procedures were very painful.  Fortunately, modern technology makes the procedure virtually painfree, results are phenomenal, and downtimes have been reduced to 5 days of PAINLESS recovery.

Every skin type is different, and laser resurfacing is a machine that can be adjusted to YOUR special skin type and concerns! It’s BRILLIANT, it’s SPECIFIC, and it’s the LATEST technology to battle years of sun damage, acne scarring, age spots, large pores and fine wrinkles.  It literally destroys the dull, damaged and discolored skin and makes way for “baby-soft” luminescent smooth skin.  

The FIRST question asked by most of our patients interested in laser resurfacing is:
“What does laser resurfacing do?”  Laser resurfacing technology does MANY things! However, simply put, it treats: sunspots, fine wrinkles, large pores, scars, and mild skin laxity.  It’s brilliance stems from it’s ability to treat multiple age-related skin conditions at once!

Our laser resurfacing machines are designed to treat brown spots, fine wrinkles, large pores and looser skin. In just one treatment, you can expect to see a 40-50% improvement in your skin.  Skin tone, skin texture, fine wrinkles and pore size all show improvement with the first laser treatment and this is seen as early as 2 weeks after the skin has completed its initial healing phase.

Post-laser, you may expect skin redness, swelling of the area treated, and skin peeling for 2 weeks or more.  Mineral makeup and sunscreen with SPF 50 may be applied to skin on the 5th day after laser resurfacing.  Other things to consider is a downtime of 3-5 days where, after 5 days, you may expose your skin to sunlight once again.  

Oftentimes, patients ask about laser resurfacing with trepidation because they research online and look at web content and read stories by disgruntled patients.  Most importantly, our office appreciates a well-educated patient who cares to learn about their procedure of interest!    If you look at our office video with live patient testimonials, you will hear a real patient talk about their laser resurfacing experience at our office.   One of the best things about our office is that we are a AAAHC certified surgical center which adheres to the HIGHEST STANDARDS OF PATIENT SAFETY.  We use multiple forms of anesthesia and our laser resurfacing procedures are almost painless.  Our patients report the procedure to be around a level of pain of 4/10 on a pain scale (10 is the highest pain level possible).
When choosing a physician or surgeon, it’s important to ask about what you can expect from your procedure.
If you have any questions about laser resurfacing, call us for a complimentary consult today!  All treatments are by a board-certified physician experienced with laser resurfacing.




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