Hi! Many of you know me and some of you are new, so I wanted to introduce myself to my new followers and give you a brief background of my training.

I am a board-certified physician with a passion for aesthetic medicine for as long as I can remember. I always knew aesthetics would integrate into my practice and now I do this full time.

I received my undergraduate and medical school training at George Washington University (where my mother happened to work as a nurse practitioner in their student health services) in Washington D.C.. I was pre-selected to their highly selective early decision medical school program as a sophomore and completed both medical school and residency training there. I chose to remain in DC for training as my father passed away during my 3rd year of medical school (it was the first day of my pediatric rotation, a day I’ll never forget) and I wanted to remain home with my mother as she transitioned to this big change in her life. I didn’t take time off medical school to adjust to this loss, and nobody at school knew this happened to me. The impact was tremendous, the loss was too much to bear, and I traveled this road with my heart in my belly the entire time.

I continued on to complete my training at four large area hospitals, including the National Institutes of Health (Dr Fauci was my ID attending at the time) and George Washington University Hospital.

After completing residency in 2008, I relocated to Atlanta, Georgia where I practiced outpatient internal medicine at Emory University and was an instructor in clinical medicine. I joined my husband, a board certified oral maxillofacial surgeon, Dr Abtin Shahriari (@drabtinshahriari ) in his practice where he passed the torch of aesthetics to my hands and I haven’t let go ever since. I enjoy the outdoors with my family as often as I can. We love traveling, humor, and spending as much time with our little girls before they grow up.