Can drinking water take 10 years off your face?

Skin is the human body’s largest organ. Our skin does so much for us such as protection from toxins and germs. It also helps us prevent dehydration and regulate our body temperature. There are not too many of us who would say no to healthier and younger looking skin. Our skin and its natural glow […]


Lip Augmentation in Atlanta – Enhance your Lips with Dermal Fillers and our board-certified physician, Arshia Payman, MD. Lip augmentation has become one of Dr. Payman’s most popular injections. Women of all ages love the added lip definition and fullness as well as the non-surgical lip lift (more to come on that soon!). Let us […]

Top Holiday Gift Idea – Skincare is Selfcare

Every year, we scramble to find gift guides to help find the best Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years and general holiday gifts out there for any budget, interest, and person. We are happy to share with you our special Derm Clinic MD Gift Cards. We have had many patients call to purchase our Gift Cards for […]

Buccal Fat Removal Atlanta GA

My practice brings patients from all backgrounds and all ages. It’s often up to me to decide what is most beneficial to the patient to harmonize their face so their features can reveal their natural beauty.  A face needs an appropriate frame and most recently, models such as Bella Hadid, Chrissy Teigen, and Jennifer Lopez […]


Hi! Many of you know me and some of you are new, so I wanted to introduce myself to my new followers and give you a brief background of my training. I am a board-certified physician with a passion for aesthetic medicine for as long as I can remember. I always knew aesthetics would integrate […]


LASER TREATMENT FOR ROSACEA Rosacea or “adult acne” is a chronic, progressive condition of the central face involving the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. Over 13 million Americans, suffer from the condition. If left untreated, Rosacea tends to worsen over time. For those who have been diagnosed with Rosacea there is treatment available to help […]


We’ve dreamed about it…we’ve hoped for it…it’s finally a REALITY.  I can’t think of a better holiday added to our yearly calendar than National Botox Day! The medication originally studied by doctors Carruthers and Carruthers for the treatment of eyelid spasms (blepharospasm) has evolved over the past 30 years to become a compound used for […]


CHEMICAL PEEL CUMMING GA Chemical peel is helpful for wrinkles, light acne scarring and irregular pigmentation such as freckles and age spots. Pre-cancerous conditions such as keratoses (thick, rough, reddish growths) also respond well to this procedure. There are several types of chemical peels: Light peels to remove superficial wrinkles Medium peels Deep peels for more […]

Does PRP really work for hair growth?

PRP Hair Restoration PRP applications to the scalp for hair loss are one of the latest technologies available to people in the Atlanta area in search of a natural, minimally invasive option to thicken hair. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, which is the part of blood that contains mostly platelets.  The PRP procedure in […]


  WAYS TO LOOK YOUNGER WITHOUT SURGERY   This is a question our patients ask frequently: “I’m not ready for surgery, what do you recommend to make me look younger?” Patients want to know how to look younger without the complications and risks accompanied with major surgeries such as facelifts. Read below for our favorite […]